Following the Designer Styling for RAPT

Creating Walls

Blank Walls Be Gone!

The new range of hand painted artwork at RAPT is simply devine and an absolute must see if you're styling your space or looking for that final piece of art.



Imagine a blank canvas, a whitewashed space of seminal promise and heaving potential. A new house? Just-moved-into apartment? Some recently acquired independence? There's just so much giddy affirmation that comes with starting fresh. That's why we at Rapt have always considered empty spaces and white walls when corralling our new stocks, bringing in our fancy bits and bobs to turn up the oomph value in your living space. 

We like to imagine here, travel a mile (or a few well worn home decorating steps) in the new home-owner's shoes and create some magic. That's why one of the first things we gather when replenishing our gorgeous wares is what the discerning new home-maker would want to see on their walls, those free expanses where accents, textures, hues and colours matter the most. It is this concern that pushes us to find the most creative, avant-garde and inspiring of canvases and paintings, all handpicked and merchandised in detail to be kept in both our Botany and Newmarket stores. Think midnight blues, twilight crimsons, gritty greys, funky florals, fiendish felines (and we mean those of the feminine kind) and wispy undertones of deep shades. This new collection is actually quite exquisite. 

One of my personal favourites is the Yuki collection, THE most current range of character paintings sourced from Le Forge. Depicting soulful Japanese features and colours that just pop right at you in tasteful splotches, these canvases were a treat to unveil. Big enough to cover and embellish most of the free space available on a single wall area, these paintings really are larger than life. Think urban geishas, secret messages and sinful red lips, the Yuki girls are going to be all the rage; get your now before these nymphs prance out of sight.

We're also a little obsessed with floral flights of fancy. That's why we've gotten a jump on the spring season with blossoming beauties in shades of aqua, teal, violet and turquoise. Midnight, skylight and early afternoon blues - all are making a debut here at Rapt this season. 




Reem Wasay

There's something just so satiating about aromatherapy. Subtle notes of fragrant design, a dropped hint of stress relief and the calming promise of relaxation and repose.  The allure of this time-tested and recommended method of healing has found a dependable place of its own in the mainstream of lifestyle choice. 


Here at RAPT we are great believers in the power and health benefits of 'scent-help'. The proven comfort and contentment distilled by this form of therapy has inched us more and more towards a diverse and elegant exclusivity in our range of luxury candles and diffusers. Think floral bouquets, citrus carnivals, spice serenades, fruit flavours and champagne chicanery. Think of a fresh sea breeze, a sprinkle of rosemary and a menagerie of earth toned musks. And that's just the beginning! RAPT is fast becoming known as a leading name in rare and sumptuous hand poured candles with a delectable variety in American-based brands Paddywax, DL&Co and Woodwick, and to-die-for scents by the French-based Cote Noire. 

Blue tinted apothecary jars, vintage mason jars, ceramic pots and bohemian bowls are just some of the housing gems for these soy candle wonders. We love how most of our candles are more than just aromatic revelations; the storage containers and jars make beautiful home decor items. Gem-tones, pastel shades and gold-glinted edges, our candles belong to that coveted range of aromatherapy products that have immediate and lasting health-related benefits:

1. They double as great stress-relievers: The essential oils used to make these candles release powerful relaxants that can help soothe one's mind, spirit and those poor aching muscles after a long hard day. Some of the most trusted of these essential oils are lavender, ylang ylang, lemon oil, peppermint and bergamot, all of which feature in the candles we have in stock!

2. They relieve pain: Chamomile, sage, lavender, juniper, rosemary and clary all help to diminish aches and pains. Why choose analgesics when you only have to light up a wick, sit back and relax in some fragrant respite?

3. Get that energy boost: The chaos of modern life demands that we participate in some added aid when it comes to giving ourselves that little nudge forward. The essential oils contained in our candles are known to increase circulation and raise energy levels. With such products available, there's really no need to purchase harmful stimulants like caffeine, energy pills and cigarettes. Give your body what it needs, not what it's been conditioned to want. 

4. They're natural antidepressants: We all tend to feel a little blue sometimes. That's also when we tend to reach out for a prescription sanctioned pill, which can be extremely harmful for our physical and emotional well-being. Instead of voluntarily undermining ourselves this way, it's time to go organic. The essential oils in these soy-based candles are well-known for eliminating depression. Think jasmine, peppermint, lavender and chamomile. 

5. A proven sleep aid: Insomnia is the foe of genius. It restructures our sleep patterns and decreases our productivity. Organic candles like the ones you can find at RAPT balance our sleep schedule and realign our Circadian rhythms to help our bodies feel tired at the right time. I've personally felt this to be true and now I depend upon my favourite Paddywax Gardenia and Tuberose scented candle to soothe me to sleep most nights!

If you're not a convert by now (and especially if you are) come by our stores in Botany (36 Garden Lane, Botany Town Centre) and Newmarket (302 Broadway - opposite 277 & beside the Westpac Bank) to sample some of the deliciousness on display!    


A Jump Ahead & A Look at Christmas Gifting

My BEST Gifting Advice this Christmas

Throw away convention, toss out your average ideas.  Get RAPT this season with some pretty fabulous Christmas Gifts and today we start with a few Mens Ideas with my Top 5 Mens Category Guide... A MUST READ...

OK OK I know it's been 4 months since my last post but to be completely open and honest the last 4 months have been hectic to say the very least.  You know I've always been known as a hard worker and I've never been one ti shy away from getting stuck in but there is a point where one starts to drown and I nearly drowned this last little while.  I can laugh about it now, well sort of as I feel I've come out the other side but it was pretty dark there for a while.  People joked with me, well when I say joked, i think in hind sight they were very serious and I laughed it off like a joke, about how much work I was getting myself into but it's only now I see it for what it is and opening a new store, prepping for the Christmas season for 1 store plus the new one, taking a week off in Rarotonga and planning a wedding, oh yes BIG NEWS, I got engaged, will test even the strongest of us.  I for no second even considered the amount of work the new store would be to get off the ground and only this Friday gone did I finally see my desk for the first time in 2 months having cleared the pile of paper that has swamped it this entire time.  It's funny because I know to alot of people this is how Christmas can feel anyway.  Who's hosting, who's coming, who to buy for, what to buy, how to manage the $$ and the list goes on.  Believe me I hear you and as a well fledged Christmas Fairy I tend to overspend and over indulge, which my well rounded stomach can contest to but I really wouldn't have it any other way.  

The joy of what I do is the exposure to such a range of product and in that Christmas Gifting really becomes no hassle at all.  I LOVE spoiling people and getting something I hope they'll love.  It's funny on a daily basis people walk into our shops and either myself or one of our fabulous team will wander up and say 'hey can I help you?' and honestly if I had a penny for the number of times we get 'oh I'm looking for a gift for xxx but I'll know it when I see it', I chuckle every time.  I've always likened our shops to the Where's Wally of your Shopping excursion.  There is no way you will take everything in, in one hit in our stores, there's just too much to look at and each time you look again you'll see something new just like you do in, you guessed it, the Where's Wally books!  What our team are trained to do is match your needs with their knowledge of our vast product range and if you were really keen to find that something special you'd give them a chance to give you some highly recommended options.  Sometimes that perfect gift isn't what you had in mind at all and left only to you, you'd never have found it.  I get this in clothing stores all the time.  As far as I'm concerned I'm a picky, know what i like kinda girl, I know what suits me and what doesn't and any assistant trying to make recommendations is wasting their time and mine but I've been surprised when actually I've just let them show me a few things.  Sometimes they've introduced me to a wee gem I'd definitely not have found and hey not all assistants are created equal but when you get a good one they're worth their weight in gold!! 

Hmmm it seems I've got a little off track here, I decided to sit down today on this blissful Sunday afternoon to give you some ideas on some of the HOT selling Gifts this season so you can get your hands on em' before they're gone!!  

Today I'm gonna start with GUYS, yeah we all know they're amongst the Top Most Difficult to Buy for on your Christmas List...


I tend to Categorise Guys like this:

1. THE SOCIAL SAINT - The Social Saint is categorised by his love of a good BBQ, a Cold Beer, some Hip Tunes & some Good Company.  Now out of all my Mens Categories this is the easiest to buy for as the scope is huge.  Drinking, Meets BBQ, Meets Summer, Meets Games, Meets Mates, this is 1 area a shop like ours has you covered & my top Gifts this season for the Social Saint are:


LIQUOR CADDY'S                         CAPCATCHA BOTTLE OPENER         KIWI STUBBY HOLDER                 

BUDDY BOTTLE OPENER             PASS THE PIGS GAME                       AUTORAMA RECORD PLAYER             


2. THE GADGET GUY, THE THINKER - A bit of a loan wolf this Guy can't help but get excited about a challenge and is the first to know about the latest gadget to hit the market.  Tease his brain and tantilise his yearning for all things technology.


CHESS SET                                     GALILEO THERMOMETER                 PEWTER KNIGHT

KARLSSON CLOCK                         BLUNT UMBRELLA                            U DOCK IPAD STAND

SHIP IN A BOTTLE                          IQ BRAIN TRAIN GAME                     

3. THE SPORT BILLY - No matter what the sport he's in.  He loves to watch it, play it, support it and even sometimes have a wee gamble on it, this guys lives and breathes sport and anything to do with sport is the perfect Gift! 

GOLF SHOES/BALLS BAG              ALL BLACKS MUG                             BLUNT GOLF UMBRELLA

BIKE MODEL                                   VINTAGE RUGBY BALL                     GOLF CUFFLINKS

4. THE JOKER, THE GAME GUY - No not the evil master of Gotham, he's more that fun guy you love to be around but he harbours a deep seated love of old comics, his x box and having a laugh!

SUPERMAN CUFFLINKS              EDIBLE INSECTS!                              ATOMIC NOSE TRIMMER

COMIC FRAMED ART                   BEANO FUDGE                                  ZOMBIE PONG

INSULTS & COMEBACKS              POTTY PIANO                                   FAILED IT BOOK

BAD DRIVER BOOK                      BOTTOMS UP GLASSES                   BATHROOM BOOKS

5. THE FIX IT FIELDER - This guy is the handiest of them all.  He is after all a 'handy' man able to fix, re-model, DIY, hike, adventure or graft his way into or out of anything... he's a fit dude and up for some camping and a trip to the wilderness.

ENAMEL MUGS/PLATES              HAMMER TOOL                                 SHAVING SET

GARAGE SIGN                              BACK SCRATCHER                          MULTI TOOL

LED FLOODLIGHT                       BRICK SOAP                                      TAPER CLOCK

Now the list really can go on and most guys can be a little mix of a few of these top % Guys Categories but i find this basic analysis helps me get him just the perfect gift so perhaps it might ease a little Christmas stress for you and help your Gift Buying that little bit easier.  Well the smell of my Sunday roast is truly starting to enlighten the senses so I am off to get some veggies on and the gravy started, mmm my mouths watering just thinking about it... Catch you again soon!  And to see the full range of Mens Gifts CLICK HERE


Crafting 'Your' Space

Putting your living space together and loving it takes more than a little of 'what you have'.  It's a case of planning and 'crafting'.  Here are some tips on maximising the space you live in EVERY day and ensuring it's functional and enjoyable.


Hi Guys

Yeah I know, it's been a tad longer than the week I had indicated last week to get another BLOG written, in fact it's been a month but in my defence and it's a meagre one I know I've Been Busy!! Haha, I know I know we're all busy these days and I should have had you a flashy new BLOG to read but it's my excuse and I'm running with it for now.  A couple of exciting things on the horizon however and certainly make up a big part of my busy schedule so I'll let you in on the secret... we are opening a NEW SHOP!! Yep you will see a brand spanking and pretty awesome new RAPT shop opening in Newmarket somewhere around late August/Early September! We can't wait to get a second shop under our belt and have some pretty cool plans.  Now hold your horses for there is more excitement, well for me at least.... I'M GETTING MARRIED!! Yes!! We have been talking about it a little and my boy Shane finally popped the question on Saturday and I am simply over the moon so am planning my upcoming nuptials which of course I'll keep you clued up on!  So yeah *sigh* it's all been rather full on, oober exciting and rolling at a million miles an hour but definitely busy!  

So where I'm at with the new abode is - I'm basically 90% there but it's actually this last 10% that might just be the hardest part of all, Ok yeah getting started is tough, I get that but finishing I'd actually now rate twice as hard because finding and sourcing those golden finishing touches, even for me who has access to such a HUGE range of homewares is proving to be rather a challenge.  It does however highlight the perfectionist in me and make me realise I don't know if even when I'm finished it'll ever be complete... I guess our homes are always a bit of a work in progress as we grow huh.

I promised last time we'd talk about how I got to the point I am at and how I crafted the living space to suit me and this will be a different process for all of you so I wanted to go over how to get started on your space and here are your starting points:

1. Decide how you like to use your space - what are the things you want to do in the space and how best you achieve that

2. Think about whether your space needs to have multiple purposes and therefore offers ease of use and flexibility

3. Think about the size of your space and decide what furniture you need and work back on how big each piece will be

4. Think back to your decided Design House & Colour range (see previous blogs) and couple this with the 'vibe' you want the space to have

To answer those point for my space here is my thinking:

1. I like my living space open but sectioned into clearly defined areas - Kitchen - Dining - Lounge area, I'm not one to back a couch onto the bench or open the lounge area to dining like some people do so I had to think of my space in sections or zones.  Personally I think this sectional approach always looks the best but if I had kids who needed 'play' space I might re-think this approach.  I wanted a cosy, comfy lounge area where I can sprawl out in the summer and enjoy the sun through the windows but a place to curl up in the winter and my big must have here was 'comfort'.  I wanted a reasonably sized dining table and not a little cafe table, one where I can have friends and family over and enjoy a meal together.  I always eat at the table, I've never been one to sit on the couch and chow down my dinner, I just don't find it comfortable so a good dining table was a must for me.  And then I wanted a good surface area where I could do a lovely decorative display of all my precious pieces so they had a 'home'.

2. Aside from going from a TV watching area for me and Shane to a social 'having people around' space there wasn't much flexibility needed in our space however once we get to the study area I'll talk flexibility in a big way as this is a very multi functional space for us.

3. Our living space whilst definitely big for an apartment is not on the grand scale of most houses so managing the space I had to work with was a big consideration for me and I used the floorplan and measured things up to scale as best I could to make sure things were going to fit.  If you have the luxury of working with a space you already live in you'll be able to do this alot better than me as you can literally measure things in the space but if you're working on a floorplan like I was remember it always looks bigger on the plan so make sure you work with the space and if necessary tape it up on a floor somewhere to really get a feel for how it's all fitting.  Always remember to let your furniture breathe with big walk spaces around each piece.  I knew I wanted a decent dining table, I wanted an L shaped couch for comfort, a good coffee table, a display area for my ornamental pieces but I also had to consider storage now that we would be living in a far smaller space so using my floorplan I mapped out the walkways and then measured the spaces for furniture and sought out just the right sizes.

4. The vibe I wanted to create for the space was always something uplifting with energy and fun.  As much as I'll chill out in this space the true relaxation area for me is the bedroom so this space was an area where I wanted to feel uplifted and chill out but other times potter about (I'm a master potterer by the way haha) and complete projects, get work done, cook etc so for me the living space is an active area.

Things you might want to consider for your space are:

  • Do you have a high ceiling?  If so you want to ensure you maximise that.  Every room has a horizontal and vertical space and if you have a high vertical space and it is well decorated it will draw your eye up making the whole area feel bigger.
  • If you're in a small or darker space you might want to look at using mirrors or even mirrored furniture like I have in the bedroom.  Mirrors not only 'mirror' the space makign it feel bigger but they bounce light which lightens a dark area and makes a small area feel bigger.
  • Another trick for dark and small spaces to think about lighting.  I plan in my bedroom to add strip LED lighting behind and under some of the furniture creating soft pools of light that feel natural as they are coming from behind objects and being bounced around by the mirrors in the room as well as the use of lamps.
  • Small areas also lend themselves to using neutral colours as darker and even bright colours can sometimes suck the light and make the space feel smaller, closed in and darker.
  • Big areas need big furniture and small areas need smaller furniture, scale your furniture to the size of your space - don't just make things fit, furniture should be tailored to fit and well planned.
  • Balance your furntiure and ensure there is a certain symmetry so that the space feels right.  Divide your furniture accross the zones you have created.
  • Ensure your walk spaces are planned well, there is nothing worse than moving from one end of your space to the other and feeling like you're sneaking past certain parts or squeezing through, walkways and traffic flow are just as much a part of your planning as the zones and furniture arrangement and giving pleanty of walk space makes for a happier living space.


Here is the floorplan I was working with to get it all spaced out.


The 90% finished product - we are very lucky with a high stud!

Using this planning process with the floorplan I was able to ascertain the maximum sizes I needed to work with for the pieces of furniture.  It actually amazed me how hard it was to find a suitable couch. The maximum size I wanted was 2.4m in length but ideally smaller and I was pretty close to settling on a 2.6m couch at over $3000 when I suddenly stumbled upon a 2.4m L shaped couch and at the sizzling sale price of only $800 so we stormed accross to West Auckland and bought it immediately and it couldn't have been more perfect, it was even the colour I wanted and hit my top of the list requirement of being comfy as well as having that sleek, simplistic scandi style I wanted.  I also knew I could work with a reasonably long dining table of approx 1.5-1.8m but it had to be narrow, no more than 1m and ideally smaller to maximise the space around it keeping the walkways clear.  Having bought the Buffet and TV Cabinet before my formal planning started the first stop was to fit them into the space and ensure it all worked!  Additionally I wanted a good sized coffee table and the perfect solution was the glass one I found as it gave me the size I wanted without dominating the space and making the lounge area feel smaller.  It's like it's there without being there.

The other items I thought about and added based on the planning were (the layering starts to become a part of the process with the decorative pieces):

  • When I created the additional kitchen island I added knee space to pop in 2 x stools.  Not only are they on trend and look cool but they gave me the opportunity to add colour for my Pop Scandi feel and functionality wise I don't think we'll ever eat there as I'm an 'eat at the table' type of girl but they're a great way to socialise when cooking.  Perfect for dinner parties, general get togethers' where we all like to congregate around the kitchen and actually Shane and I use them almost every night when we are preparing dinner so they add that social interaction and look cool at the same time.
  • The rug!  The rug created the perfect 'zone' separation, it defines the lounge area just like the addition of the kitchen island and heavy set pendants zoned the kitchen.  I also chose this rug as it has character.  Everything within my living space is based around the properties of Pop Art.  Clean defined lined and colours, there's no inbetween colours with pop art, its very red, very pink, very blue etc and each of those areas of colour are well defined so this rug perfectly tied into this direction and theming whilst adding more fun and interest to an area that needed a little lift.  If you can imagine that area without that rug it falls flat.  The carpet colour is a light beige/grey tone and whilst it forms the perfect blank canvas that is all it does so I encourage you to use rugs to form your look and feel and further craft your Design House.
  • An occasional chair - you can't quite see it in the photo but opposite the couch, beside the TV Unit I have a fantastic occasional chair with a cool sheepskin rug on it which when it's just us never gets used but the cats love.  What this adds however is not only a funky addition to the room but the functionality of creating a social space where not all the seats are facing the TV.  When people pop over to visit we can turn the TV off and have almost a circular seating area with the L on the couch, the couch itself and the occasional chair.
  • Side Tables - I have added two designer tables beside the TV Unit for ornamental pieces and green just to add  more interest.
  • The layout of chairs on the dining table as you can see is not your average layout, in fact we all end up kinda facing the wall.  Now if we were having a dinner party truth be told I'd probably pull the table out from the wall and have it in a more traditional layout however on a day to day basis this works just fine.  We have access to all 4 chairs so can use the entire table but it maximises the space around the table by keeping it as narrow as possible.  Tables can easily be moved around in most cases so think about how best you use it on a daily basis as a first port of call.
  • Green!!  I cannot emphasise enough how much Green brings a space to life so my living space will have pleanty of green - albeit artificial but green looks great and completes any look.
  • The addition of some artistic ornamental pieces, pop art and brightly coloured cushions, a funky little footstool in the same hard lines and clean colour and a rather funky tissue box cover in cowhide plus some artwork I am still toussling over and the look is almost complete.  I'll take some more detailed pics of some of the areas once they are done and post them for you to have a look at.
  • In terms of storage the addition of the kitchen island gave me additional drawers and cupboards for the kitchen as well as great storage in the Buffet and TV Unit.
I've become accutely aware having just bullet pointed all those bits that I need more photos of specific areas so will endeavour to get some more together for you to see specific parts in more depth and I think next time I'll take a look at our multi purpose study area as this is a fun area!

Have a great week!


Homeless NO MORE!!

We're in, we have a home and it is Beeeeeautiful!  It's our 1 week anniversary living in the new abode and here is a little sneaky peak for you!

Hidey Hi!

Finally, oh yes finally it has all come together... the Thompson Park Apartments got the compliance sorted and last Wednesday Shane and I moved into our new abode.  You know I jumped on here today to write the blog and it's mad I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since I last wrote a blog haha but I guess it's testament to just how nutty, crazy, busy it's been.  We booked Wednesday to Friday off last week to get it all together and I think we honestly needed every day!  What an act bringing 3 households together is as we had Shane's old place, my old place and then all the bits we had at Mum and Dads where we'd been staying in the interim.

I have to say though - WE ARE OVER THE MOON!! With the living area, deck and bedrooms kinda 90% complete it really has come together rather nicely and we are relishing living in a beautiful space so without further a'do here's a few lil pics of where we are at and I hope it inspires you to start thinking about your space!! 


The bedroom

Remember all the elements I'd pulled together, the Gold and Black theme and the Modern Chanel Design house I'd chosen, it still needs a few bits and pieces to finish but I'm pretty happy with it so far and it definitely has that opulent , richness I wanted for the room.  It really is a step in, curl up and indulge and it's very decadent and to be honest I don't think it was horrendous in terms of it's cost either, alot of it is planning, sourcing and imagining the final look and I guess in that is the skill of putting your rooms together but if you can stick to your colours, remain within your design house and plan your space those 3 key factors will have you sorted.

The lounge

scandi meets pop art fun

Last time we looked at the Bones of this area and you can see how the layering elements of my Design House being Pop Scandi has really brought the space to life!  Each ares is defined by the Bones being the additional Island, the furniture and how it's used but also things like the rug that create spaces within space.  There's still some blank walls and areas to be decorated but I'd say we're 80% done in this area and the flow from this living space to the deck looking over the pool and grass area is seamless.  Despite the fact they both offer quite a different look and feel with the Deck having an almost modern Oriental look and feel the colours and lines pull them together yet define the spaces as separate.  Lets have a closer look at the deck and kitchen.


The Deck is still a little bare but you see how the colours and feel is being crafted.  The anchors in this area are the chairs and table and both have oriental lines reminicsant of Japanese homes but the other thing I wanted to achieve with the deck was to make it a lazy sunday 'garden'.  Now not a physical garden in the sense but that feel.  I am not blessed with the green fingers many of my friends are so keeping plants alive and thriving is not my forte hence you will see my home grow with artificial greenery as I flesh out these designs in the coming months.  Hence on the deck you see a bit of fun with the artificial grass, for me I like the shapes but more than that I like the balance of colour and the feel it creates, like you're sitting in a designer garden.  It's lovely and I can't wait for summer to come, I have a straw pagoda style umbrella in mind now, it's funny once you see it all in how your mind starts to whirl with more ideas!

So that's it today, a quick little brag I guess haha but hey I've been waiting for this to come for the last 12 months so suffice to say I'm pretty excited!

I'll be back next week and we'll revisit the process of how I got to this stage and then we can look at the bathrooms and study area.

See you soon!

Spend it When you Should..

The $100 Jumper vs 5 $20 Jumpers...

Get the Bones Right, spend the $$$ where you should and don't be afraid to do so! If the right interior design can enhance your life and ultimately make you happier then you have to do it RIGHT!


Hi Again, it's BLOG number 4 and I'm rather sad to report that I'm STILL homeless, yes between Compliance, LINZ and the issuing of Titles which all I might add are concerns of the council we are now into our 6th week since completion and still waiting to get into the new abode.  That's 107 households displaced with the hold up as there's 107 apartments in total in the Thompson Park complex and yes right in the middle of this so called Auckland Housing Crisis - hey I'm no councilor or politician but go figure right?  I'm busting at the seams to get in, don't get me wrong living with Mum and Dad has been fine and hey there's certainly something kinda nice coming home to a cooked meal and having your washing done (#spoiledbrat) but at 35, nearly 36 and having lived away from home since they age of 21, it's pretty hard nearly a year on not having your own household, your own space and actually live in more than 1 room haha!  (how oh how as teenagers did we live at home in just that 1 room - the concept now blows my mind, seriously just imagine it!  NUTS).  I did get some pretty awesome pics sent this week of the new apartment however so here's a sneaky peak:



Now the thing is about this new home and something I've touched on in earlier posts is the fact that this NEW space needed NEW thinking.  We discussed the concept of a SIB last week and how to avoid becoming a SIB but one other side of my SIB concept is conquering the fear to spend the money where it's needed.  I know, I know SPEND MONEY?  It's a big deal to spend your hard earned cash and most of us never have enough of it, but your home can make you happier, so don't be afraid, get over it and SPEND THE MONEY where you need it!  

How many people do you know and if you really start to think about it, I'm sure it'll be in the dozens and often include yourself, me included, that buy, buy, buy, often in a SIB fashion (I See It, I Like It, I Buy It) but rather than buying the things they really want or their space really needs they buy 'cos it's cheap?  How often do you yourself, or people you know have Cognitive Dissonance (that's a ridiculous Marketing Term for Buyers Remorse) having spent all your budget on lots of things that were cheap instead of having the 'guts' so to speak to spend the big bucks on that one item that would have been perfect.  I'll be honest my wardrobe is still full of those 'oh well it's cheap enough' purchases, but do I LOVE them, do they enhance my wardrobe, my life? No!  I can recall so many trips to the mall where spending $100 on that amazing jumper just seems like far too much to spend.  Instead I end up buying 5 Jumpers at $20 yet the reality is the $100 one I LOVED would have been money far better spent, I would have felt 10 feet tall in it, I would have wanted to wear it every day neglecting the need for a wash (you know how it is with stuff you love right?) and it would have lasted yhe distance because of it's quality and cut and fabric.  The old saying is true, you get what you pay for in this life and the quality even in the way it fits you between a $100 jumper and a $20 jumper on the whole is vastly different! 

The same can be said for your home.  Now I'm not saying that you always have to buy the $100 jumper, there is definitely a time where the 5 $20 jumpers are the way to go but for your anchor items, your feature pieces my advise is spend the money and get what you really want, longer term you'll understand why.  

In essence you have to get the Bones right and spend the money to get them right.


The apartment is very much a shell at the moment so the fixed Bones are whats my emphasis has been so far and in this example the Bones for the kitchen were the addition of a Kitchen Island and the Pendants.  Now when you build an apartment you really get the basics, I don't know many apartments that create 'homes', apartment developers create 'living spaces' from which you create a 'home'. Spending the money on the Island and the Pendants was a big expenditure - who knew Kitchen Islands were so crazy expensive but for me having an open kitchen was not what I wanted so it was a MUST HAVE and hey you have an Island you have to have Pendants!


For me and the way I enjoy my Living Spaces, the kitchen must be an enclosed area defining the kitchen and lounge separately so the addition of the island defined that space, created a Galley Kitchen, gave me extra much needed storage and more bench space which was at a premium with the one sided bench.  The large ceramic pendants dropped the way they do actually aid in defining the space by creating an invisible wall as well as the practical application of additional lighting.  I even went to the extra expense of having what they call a waterfall edge on the end of the bench which you can't quite see in these pictures but is on the left hand side.  A waterfall edge is where the bench top spills down the side to the floor.  I wanted it on both ends and if I had a limitless budget I would have as I love that finished look it gives but you have to weigh up budget with outcomes and the 1 end I added the waterfall to is a very visual end as you look down on it from the Mezzanine area so it was more important than the other which ultimately won't get noticed. (backs onto the ranch slider)

Now both of these purchases were pricey, they are the $100 jumper vs the 5 $20 jumpers.  They were the kind of purchase that make you gasp for air and close your eyes willing it to be the right decision but now they're in and looking the way they do I know I made the right decision.  Both are well spent Bones that will bring the whole space up a notch and ultimately enhance the living aspect of the space which is the overall goal right?

With the Bones in place for the kitchen it's now easy to add some $20 jumpers to decorate if I choose to take that direction however in all honesty having had a year to collect my 'decoration' I've squirreled away quite a few $100 jumpers with a few $20 jumpers here and there so I simply can't wait to get it all together! 

Back to the previous BLOG the Design House I've selected for the lounge/kitchen area is Scandi Pop, a little creation of my own where I plan to have the fun and colour of Pop Art with the classic Homeliness of the Scandi style.  This will make the space homely and comfy whilst having the energy and colour of Pop Art and creating positivity and fun which very much reflects the personalities of Shane and I making it a room we'll want to BE IN and ENJOY.

I hope this gets you thinking and gives you the bravery to conquer the fear of spending the $$$!  Get it right and you'll love it, get it wrong, opt for the 'cheap' option and it just won't go the distance.  Don't be a SIB, Stick to your Design House and Get the Bones Right and you're on the journey to a successful 'home'.

Avoiding the SIB Effect and Layering like a Master

Layering like a MASTER

And today’s topic is layering, interior design layering!!  Forget the matchy match need inside you and get into layers, tones and stick within your Design House, straying is a Design CRIME!


Here we are again… Blog number 3 and I have to say I’m starting to get a bit of a flow on, thank goodness, the need to stare at a blank wall for days on end thinking about what I want to say is gone.  The ideas are formulating as I type furiously and it’s kind of a rush to get it all out and on the screen in front of me before I explode haha!  

Going back to where I left off on the last blog, today I wanted to get into the topic of Layering and explore the Layering journey I’ve been on with my Modern Chanel inspired bedroom.  Now layering just to clarify what I’m on about, is all the decorative elements you add to a room to create a ‘look’, a 'vibe' or as I like to call it your 'Design House'.  Layers add interest, texture, colour and complete a room, they take a room from nice to fabulous and if you’re like me fabulous is what you like to live in, after all life is short right.  Too often you walk into someone’s room or home and it’s lovely, it’s great and you think to yourself, this is really nice, but if you stopped and compared it to a room created by a designer you can start to see that if they’d taken the rooms layers just that little bit further what an impact it would have.  Adding that little more depth and contrast in a fully fleshed out room creates a whole new look and feel and that then translates into the longevity of the room itself.  Rooms that haven’t had this consideration taken tend to date or wear out a lot quicker than those that are fully committed to and consequently cost you more in the long run or become less enjoyable.  The ultimate goal of a fabulously designed room is creating the space you 'love' not just the space you ‘live’ in.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I have a special term for those who just can’t commit to a look or 'Design House' and therefore fully flesh their layering to create the ultimate room.  I call them SIB’s.  I know I can see you curling your lip and raising your eyebrow firstly thinking to yourself ‘what on earth is a SIB’ and then quickly darting to a realisation that you may well be a SIB, but hang on wait you don’t even know what it is yet right!  SIB simply stands for ‘I See it, I like it, I Buy it’.  It’s the age old problem of a mis-matching, you love each piece individually but they don’t really work together as a whole type scenario.  Now don’t go beating yourself up, I too was a SIB before the grand plans for the ultimate apartment.  I guess it comes down to what you can afford a lot of the time and as we discussed in the first blog when you’ve been in your house for a while and have collected all those SIB bits, you’re pretty loathed to throw it all out and start again, I mean whose going to waste all that perfectly good stuff right?  I think for me this is why the apartment has been the catalyst for the newly inspired Fabulous Anj, it’s like a reset button and I honestly believe it will enhance my life and make me happier.

Now me and my Mum are pretty tight, she's always got my back and we're best friends and so in this next section Mum will most probably kill me for using her as an example but I simply can't help myself.  My Mother is my perfect example of a SIB.  I can feel her cringing on the very thought of what I am about to say here but hey this is a bare all Blog and it makes for some good reading right, so here goes.  Mum and I are truly spoilt when it comes to interior inspiration.  As the owners of RAPT we visit trade shows here and overseas, pop into suppliers showrooms all over NZ and peruse Gift and Homeware Wholesalers sites from here to timbuktu.  And this doesn't even cover the fun of it arriving instore and putting it all together, it's kinda like Christmas on steroids every day!  I have to say however it does have its down side and that is that being treated to sooooo much choice makes pinning down and committing to a ‘Design House’ harder than getting a 3 year old off to sleep at night.  Anyways back to my SIB affected Mother, Mum and Dad recently did a bit of an overhaul on their house with a new kitchen and a full repaint and carpet.  On top of this my Dad who previously ran his company from the front lounge moved out giving Mum the pleasure of a whole new room to play with as well as a bit of redecorating around the house to get her teeth into but do you think with all this spoiling that my well intended mother can commit to a look?  It’s actually quite funny now when new stock arrives instore which is pretty much daily, the box is opened, the packaging removed and you hear the little blonde lady (that’s what I call her) shriek with delight as yet another piece of Homeware is ' just perfect for her house!'  It’s the tell tale sign of a SIB and Mum and I have quite a joke about it all.

I get it though it really is hard, there is so much choice these days and you really can get things so cheap if you’re prepared to shop around.  But the major Design Crime for a fabulous space is letting your inner SIB get the better of you so here’s how to avoid becoming a SIB:

1.      Plan your Design House – what’s the style you’re looking at, what feeling do you want to create in the room and what are the things you just love?

2.      What pieces of furniture do you need – plan your space and know the large items you need and stick to it.

3.      What colours and tones will you work with for your layering, don't worry about matching colours perfectly, if you feature red in your room and you somehow manage to get all your reds the same your room will fall flat, it's actually the different tones of the red colour wheel that will bring your room to life?

So if we go back to my Modern Chanel inspired bedroom 1. My look is opulent, luxurious Chanel inspired 2. I needed a bed, drawers, 2 x bedside tables, an occasional chair (I am a firm believer in the occasional chair and despite every male not fully understanding the need for an unused chair we just look at and admire, every room needs one!) and I may look at a side table dependant on how it fits once I finally move in… yes I am STILL waiting to move into my new place and am getting VERY impatient. 3. My colours are Black, White and Gold, Monochrome is super chanel and super on trend and I love the simplicity of it and marry that with a range of golds to add the luxury i want.

So this is the plan and if I am to stray from it, if my inner SIB gets her way that fully fleshed out designer room will be lost in a myriad of stuff I 'like'.  So in my previous blogs you’ve seen the bed, bed head, lamps, drawers and bedside tables so the last to reveal, the grand unveiling is my AMAAAAAAZING chair and the LAYERS I have collected so far so here’s a mood board of all the pieces that will go into my Modern Chanel boudoir.


my layers

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals

It’s actually funny, I hadn’t even seen it until now having done this mood board but whilst I have my olde worlde opulence in the bed and drawers etc there’s actually quite a modern edginess to the layers I’ve brought in and I just got all excited again!! By the way here's a few links of the bits I got through the shop if you need them too haha!


I do however have one fly in the ointment and that is to match my Pure Evil ‘Marilyn Monroe’ plate as pictured above, I also have a ‘pink’ Audrey Hepburn one.  I’m a massive fan of Pure Evil and his work, it’s that twist on modern pop art and I am a real fangirl but this ‘pink’ plate whilst totally remaining in my Design House it does not at all speak to the colour tones I have chosen so we’ll have to see how we can work it in when I finally move in but my thoughts are that a carefully placed 'out of the box' item may actually look kinda cool… will keep you posted on this, I'm gonna have to have a wee play I think. 

Now there’s 1 major crime when it comes to layering and that is making your room too cluttered so whilst the SIB inside me is desperate to go out and buy more stuff I’m at a point now where I have all the needs and am moving into the wants so I have to stop and get it together before I continue.  I;m seeking perfection and nothing less but I also want it to be my home and the signs of a house that’s lived in is what gives every room warmth.  So what are those subtle touches that create that pleasing lived-in look?

• Plants – no matter what your design house or your look, or your colour tone plants freshen and finish any space.  If you’re like me and can’t keep potted plants alive to save yourself get some good fakes, I know I am.

• Mix woods – stop freaking out about having every furniture piece in your room match, mixed woods done well add a sense of home and design, much like the art of matching patterns can.

• Photos & Memories – Photos, home made artwork and memories make your house your home. A room full of store-bought, mass-produced art is strangely soul-sucking sometimes so remember to enhance your space with personal touches.

Well I hope I have your Layering Mind a flutter and you’re starting to formulate your ‘look’.  Just remember contrast, texture, tone and colour add the depth and interest that create a fully fleshed out room that will give you longevity and enjoyment so keep looking for ideas!

See you next time!

Creating the Chanel Boudoir..

The COCO to My Chanel

Creating the ultimate in luxurious opulent Bedroom design inspired by the clean and beautiful design by the Queen of Design Chanel.  The Bed, The Headboard and the Lamps are in hand in this BLOG and next time we start the accents to finish the look.

Starting your second BLOG feels alot like the first, Ok yes I'm probably dramatising as we did cover last time it took months or years leading up the last one I wrote, what can I say it's in my nature to make everything a little dramatic but hey it's definitely been a hard road getting started again! Once I got writing last time I was on such a roll and my head was brimming with info and ideas and I needed to keep that momentum up but sadly the realities of work and life got in the way and here I am over a week later finally getting post number 2!  Now I did leave you with that big old cliff hanger last time, yes... the bed!  Now I'm the kinda girl that operates the Np Pain, No Gain type mantra, I can't tell you the number of times in my twenties and even into my thirties that I have stomped around in a pair of heels screaming with my inside voice 'get these things off my feet!' whilst gracefully, haha gracefully I say.. mincing down the street without a care in the world so the outer world knows nothing of my bitter internal fight! Yeah you've probably been there too, I know you know what I'm talking about, even you guys can relate to this as I'm sure your partner has sometimes had a wee slip of the inside voice and let you know exactly how she's coping and lets face it that happens in more instances than I'm alluding to here.  So this same mantra up until I officially became a grown up was also applied to my bed.  Yep, in a former life I was all about look over practicality and stupidly so really, I have suffered agonising back and neck pain since the age of 18 having been diagnosed with quite few things along my medical history and plied with a plethora of drugs so you'd think the right bed would be option number 1 huh but nope, not until now.

Buying my new bed was pretty exciting. I've always steered clear the mattress and base style opting for slat beds as I couldn't wrap my head around those ugly bases.  Why oh why do I have to come up with a long cover or a valance to cover my bed base?  Should someone not have thought about the fact nobody wants an ugly base showing the same cover as their mattress or is it some sort of linen kick back conspiracy where the bed companies are getting a percentage of all valance sales?  Well whatever the reasoning, HALLELUJAH those clever bed makers have finally come to realisation 'ain't nobody got time for that' and they have now released fabric coated bases to your selection and you can even add drawers and all sorts of little extra's, it really is a revolution!  So with this revelation I shopped around with my partner and managed to get ourselves a $4,500 bed for 50% off and a Chiropractic one at that!

Now I am a big believer in Headboards, I think it grounds a bed and gives it a presence so now the search was on for the ultimate ‘Chanel’ inspired headboard. The search was in fact over in no time with the Gift Fair - yes I know you all wanna go but it is for us Gift trade only and yeah it's pretty fun I'm not gonna lie, it’s the source of some inspiration for sure.  Now there's ALOT of quilted headboards on the market at the mo', it seems just as I am dreaming and scheming my ultimate ladies bodouir the trend itself is organically growing anyway which has been quite helpful really but when it comes to head boards they are not all created equal however this  one was perfect!!  A black linen material to match perfectly with my 'non ugly bed base', well cushioned to give that depth with the buttons and here's the kicker, oh yes studded headboard ears! Yeah I didn't know those end bits were called ears either but now both of us do haha! 

The Bed & Headboard

Here they are and what a pair they are!  I know it doesn't look like they match in this picture but it's actually pretty near perfect!  I'll get some pics all set up and looking pretty once I'm in the apartment, oh yes the wait continues arrghhhh, First it was March, then it was April and currently it’s May which by my calculations is all of 3 days away so we shall see!  Waiting, waiting, waiting…

So onto the old lighting situation.. I am a massive fan of the Kartell range of designer Homeware but lets face it, it’s not exactly affordable to deck your home out in head to toe however one little piece of decadence I simply couldn’t resist was the Bourgie Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani in a clear acrylic.  This stunning piece of design cleverly combines the elegance of the baroque period but in a modern twist it is made from a modern and very sleek clear acrylic in almost a deconstructed style.  If you’re a fan of My Kitchen Rules and the trend of deconstructing just about every dessert known to man then you’ll love this clever little piece of deconstruction – baroque meets modern meets retro style, oh yes I am the proud owner of two of these amaaaaazing lamps and they compliment the vintage, modern Chanel like feel of my room.

The Ferruccio Laviani Bourgie Lamp

Oozing style and elegance with their old meets new slick styling these Acrylic Lamps are the epitome of designer lighting.  

A lamp with inimitable style the Bourgie skillfully combines classic style, richness and tradition with innovation and irony.  The baroque style base is composed of three interconnecting decorated layers, while the large lampshade is made with a pleated effect, to create a myriad play of reflections when the lamp is turned on. Perfect for a dark room these lights not only emit light from the bulb but bounce light like a mirror with the clear and pleated effect acrylic finish.

One thing to remember when you're putting a room together and what we are now starting to explore with this blog is the layering and that’s the key in great room design.  Forget having to have everything match perfectly, we’ve all been taught wrong when it comes to that, yes there is a place for matching, my headboard matches my bed base and my side drawers match my chest of drawers but now I’ll layer the look and feel and think textures, the colour palette, light and use all of those to create the 'feel' o the 'vibe' I want for this room which is Chanel, it's luxury, it's warmth and it's that big cuddly room to dive into at the end of a long day.  Forget the matchy matchy and trying to make your cushions perfectly match your curtains and start to think layers and you're rooms will start to have far more personlaity.  Any well designed room has tones and a colour palette but it’s a spectrum not a singular colour so open your mind to this.

Well that’s about me for today, you know my medical history, my love hate relationship with killer heels and the splurge I made on Amaaaaazing lamps and next time I might just have to start talking bedroom accents and we'll explore the concept of layering a little more - so see you again soon!

Get Started by Getting Inspired

Getting Started is as simple as Getting Inspired

Hi my name is Anj and as a qualified Set Designer I spend my days now passionate about beautiful interiors, homeware and giftware having worked for the family business RAPT www.raptonline.co.nz for 7 years!  Here is my journey, warts and all and I hope it inspires you x


Starting a blog is a bit like an unsuccessful shopping trip I reckon.  How so? You ask. How many times have you hit the mall for some much needed, that’s right not wanted but needed retail therapy with an idea you might buy this, this and this only to get there, trek the lanes tirelessly and come out empty handed with your retail dreams shattered. Yet as you take those final saddening steps out of the mall defeated and melancholy you spot a shop with a glimmer of hope.  In you wander and take in all that is there at which point your eagle eye spots a little something you have to have.. is it one of your listed items? Who Cares?  That very purchase lifts your spirits from retail doom to retail glee and all of a sudden you’re rejuvenated, you feel empowered and you not only have one purchase but with all this renewed energy you charge back into the mall, revisit some of those passed over purchases from earlier and buy em’.  Now why? Why before was it a defeated no go and all of a sudden it’s nothing less than perfection?  The answer is I really don’t know but something about taking the plunge and making that first purchase then makes the next purchase and the next and the next a breeze.
So back to my original point this is how I feel about blogging.  I know writing a blog is meant to be great for business and actually I’ve always wanted to write one but getting started is like staring down one heck of a black hole… that is until you’ve started and look here I am typing furiously away now whilst before I’d lamented over this very blog for months, well actually if I’m honest probably years.  Its seems the flood gates are opened and we’re away, yep blogging Anj is go go go!
So what can you expect from this blog then?  This was my biggest hurdle with starting, what is it that I have to share with the world and how do you go about conveying it?  In the last week and I have to credit my partner Shane for a little inspiration as finally I figured it out.  I am credited with a bit of an eye for style.  Be it interiors or personal I am lucky in that I can see things is my head, visualise literally putting this and that together to create an overall look, actually as a youngster they always said I had rather a vivid imagination but as an adult its helped me immensely putting together outfits, events, presentations and these days interiors.  Having worked in the family business now for 7 years (wow where oh where did 7 years go!) I’ve been lucky to travel to Oz, China and locally visiting suppliers and manufacturers of décor, furniture and giftware and that very exposure to what’s available has really aided me to further my ideas, inspire my mind and develop my style.  So here I am 7 years on in the game of interiors and giftware as the primary buyer for our store RAPT trying to put into a blog all the things I’ve discovered along the way hoping to inspire you too because if I can do it then we all can!
My biggest project lately and one I have enjoyed and am still enjoying massively is an Apartment I purchased in June last year that comes to fruition in May, well fingers crossed in May, you know how these new builds go and already it's pushed out from March, to April,  to May.  Thanks to a rather buoyant Auckland housing market I made a nice profit on the house I sold last year in Pakuranga and decided my new life as an apartment dweller was gonna be smaller yes but by no means less stylish.  As I came to this decision I looked at my furniture, décor and even my apliances and decided it was time to upgrade and surround myself with the things I'd always wanted and thanks to a good house sale I could sort of afford to do it within reason.  So after some much painfully managed Trade Me sales, Salvation Army donations and gifts to friends I was pretty much down to nothing.  Well I say nothing but realistically I still had ‘stuff’, clothes and the likes of course, some of which is still in storage with a good friend in Howick, bless him, a storage unit was gonna cost me in the region of $2000.. phew!  Then came the fun part.  I am avid watcher of interior decorating shows, Grand Designs, The Block etc and having spent 3 years living in the UK I got hooked as a fresh faced 21 year old on renovation shows which has formed my TV repertoire as a now 35 nearly 36 year old woman (feels so funny using woman huh, I never reference myself as a woman but actually what else do you say, as much as I joke I’m no lady and I’m not a girl anymore.. I’m in my 30’s and woman seems the most appropriate! ahhhh).  In those early days of the Apartment set up I was watching the Kelly Hoppen interiors show and she said something along the lines of “A well designed home can make your life better” and this mantra I latched onto and has fed into everything I have done since.  Its funny how for 10 years I’d lived in my old house and accepted the matching but mis-matching interior I had created over the years.  Why upgrade things when what you have is perfectly fine right?  Don’t get me wrong I had a lovely house and one that many friends admired but did it truly reflect whom I was then and did I enjoy just being there?  The answer would have to be no yet our home is our haven and we should feel peaceful just being i n it's presence. Not alot of thought had gone into my space as a whole, it was merely a collection of things I liked over the years I’d owned that house that kinda worked together based also on what I could afford and it was nice and comfortable but if a well designed home can make your life better mine was not at that level and as I was moving on this is what I decided I wanted.


Kelly Hoppen and another of my favourite quotes from her show.
With this is mind for my new home I hit Pinterest like I’d never done before, I was nothing less and probably still am a 'Pinterest Maniac!'.  An absolute gem for getting some grass roots interior ideas Pinterest helped me start to formulate ideas about what I really liked, the style I aspired to live in and how I wanted to use my space and this was a journey that is still continuing today.  You can actually see my Pinterest journey here: https://nz.pinterest.com/RAPTONLINE/homeware-to-love/ this is my ‘Homeware to Love’ board and all the images I have referenced whilst purchasing bits for the apartment so hey it might give you some ideas too!  My only word of warning with Pinterest is the way it works is virally so someone puts something up and if three people pin it, it shows on their friends pages and then if they pin it, it shows on their friends pages and on and on. Here’s what you need to watch though, if you actually trace back a lot of the interior images in particular they are straight out of an IKEA lookbook and hey I can’t fault them, they are masters at what they do but they show a very narrow perspective on the Scandi look they represent so whilst Pinterest is great to formulate ideas don’t use it as your only inspiration.  It is inheritantly limited to what is input and that is often fed by big companies who follow trends they promote.  
My first priority was getting bedroom furniture, now bear in mind in June last year when I moved out of my house and in with Mum and Dad, for the first time since returning from the UK in 2004 I might add, I was a single gal and setting up my apartment was all about me.  I had fallen in love with the idea of a Chanel inspired boudoir type bedroom.  A bit luxurious and a bit sexy, the room you curl up in on a cold winters night or drop into after a long day and feel rejuvenated with some candles burning and rich textures that almost hug your very soul.  My first purchase was some drawers and with my Chanel inspired theme in mind I found these drawers, 1 x chest and 2 x bedside.  Now there are a lot of mirrored cabinets out there but I knew these were the ones for me as the styling was perfect.  Chanel represents a classy, timeless and yet vintage style that emulates the pristine decadence of the 1920’s and 30’s aristocrats living it up in Hotels beyond our wildest dreams and swanky New York apartments that perfectly combine simplicity with intricate decoration incorporating gold and silver tones, light vs dark and everything fitting its intended space perfectly.  These drawers unlike many on the market had that feel, you could imagine walking with a real swagger into your $2000 a night hotel room in central Paris in 1933 and seeing them in your room.  They feature deco lines with an olde worlde antiqued gold and a mirrored finish that will bounce and maximise the light in what potentially could be a dark room.

They weren’t a cheap purchase but they are solid, they’re a lovely quality and even if I decide I don’t want them in 10 years they’ll totally be saleable which is future proofing the purchase.  The fact is I can’t ever see myself parting with these as they are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to get them into my new room.
Well I’m going to leave you hanging there, yep my next purchase was the bed but lets visit that in my next post as I think I’ve probably waffled on enough, if not far too much.  I get a little passionate once I start talking about interior styling, once you open yourself up the possibilities it really is pretty exciting!  See you next time.. but in the mean time to check out the latest RAPT Homeware CLICK HERE :)